About us


Operating in the textile sector with 35 years of experience, Ortadoğu Makina continues to bring together the world brands it represents with its customers with a minimum cost in our closed area of ​​4.000 m2.

One of the main goals of Ortadoğu Makina is to keep the customer-oriented working culture in front of its works. Taking part in the market as a company that meets customer basic expectations and creates value for its customers in the production of products and services is undoubtedly one of the most important factors of our competitive environment. We believe that being a preferred company is gained by increasing the competitiveness of our customers so we shape our systems, human resources and work areas around this philosophy.

We have adopted the principle of sharing our customers’ goals with sincerity by providing maximum benefit in favor of our customers in all kinds of planning and purchasing. For this reason, we have been growing with our customers who have trusted us and continued to work with us since the first day we were founded.

As a company we aim to be a recommended and invited business partner, not forcing the door. Our company, which has been providing product and service support to many leading companies in our country and abroad since its establishment;

▪ Designing of machine layout in textile companies,

▪ Economic suitability,

▪ Wide product range,

▪ Continuity in service,

▪ Experienced expert staff,

▪ Consulting in sale agreements,

▪ Efficiency enhancement studies,

▪ Educational services,

▪ Quality and trust.


To meet the expectations of our customers and employees at the highest level within the framework of legal, economic and moral principles that are respectful to the society in the sector we operate. As a reliable, diverse and respected company that constantly creates value and uses resources effectively, to provide the best and quality service to our customers is our primary mission.


To continuously increase the activity and efficiency of our company, to offer a high quality product range. To be the first choice in the sector in which we operate and to ensure its continuity with our service and product quality.